If You Want It, We Will Get It


    The Hog Commander trap consists of a trap and snare system. You begin by setting the trap with the snare.

    Bury the trap under a thin layer of dirt. When the hog steps on the trap, the cable snare is thrown up the leg with the spring closing the loop catching the hog by the leg. The other end of the snare should be well anchored by a tree, sturdy fence post, pole or ground anchor system.

    This unit is good for coyotes and hogs. The system will help eliminate those pests. We have priced these for the one each, but we have very many. Get in touch for special pricing on larger quantities. They are very good.

    Here is a setup video.

    We use a highly modified #5 steel jawed trap to deliver a securely anchored Hog Commander 48″ customized spring loaded cable up the leg of the target animal. As the target enters the hidden trap set area and steps on the trap’s pan, the trap throws the anchored cable 10″-12″ up the target’s leg. The hog immediately pulls its leg from the trap and the trap itself falls away to the ground.

    The loaded spring tightens the cable noose down to a specific point, to about the size of a quarter, above the dew claw of the caught animal making it impossible for the animal to escape. The opposite end of the cable should be anchored with a heavy chain, cable lock, rope, strap, etc..(not included) to a solid tree, post, pole, earthen anchor or drag.

    The "Catch Friendly Sleeve" on the catch end of our cable virtually eliminates damage to the target animal’s leg and the deer stop does not restrict blood flow and circulation.
    Hog Commander strongly recommends you use a deer repellent around your trap set area and mix thoroughly with your bait pile. Deer repellents are available at most all feed stores, co-ops, lawn and garden centers and hardware stores. Repellents come in both granular and liquid form. A $10 container should last you a season if applied as directed. If using granular repellent, spread 1/2 cup around your trap set area and mix 1 cup with your bait pile.

    If using liquid form, spray liberally around your trap set area and mix into your bait pile. Re-apply to area after a rain or as needed. Most repellents are composed primarily of eggs or meat meal, blood meal and bone meal. It repels deer from the area but acts as a very strong attractant to omnivorous hogs.

    USE DEER REPELLENT!!! See The Hog Commander in Action!